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AI Global Consulting in Geosciences and Data Science


Our services are available to university students/faculty and to industry, businesses, and individuals outside of the university. We offer a broad range of services including:

  • Statistical Analysis of Data
  • Assistance with statistical software and programming
  • Developing new methods

Timeline for Projects:

It is important to understand that very few consultations are resolved in the first meeting. This initial meeting is a chance for the our advisors to become familiar with the research problem, after which we should be able to outline a course of action and provide an estimate of the time and cost involved. With most projects, we will have results in 2-4 weeks, at which point we will arrange a follow-up meeting to present the results. Occasionally, we will require more meetings, depending upon the depth and breadth of our involvement.

Preparing for the Initial Meeting:

The purpose of the initial meeting is to describe the relevant background and details of research. We encourage you to contact us before data is collected. This way we can help develop a data collection plan that meets your time and budget needs and will yield statistically meaningful data.